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Cold Feet and Wedding Jitters

Cold Feet and Wedding Jitters

Just before the big day, all the nervousness rushes in with a million thoughts that follow. The most important thought is whether the feeling is normal or whether it means something more. The feeling of panic that occurs prior to the big day can happen at any moment during the planning process, but usually occurs just before the wedding day. Before you begin to wonder if this could be a sign, let’s talk about cold feet and wedding jitters so you can put your mind at ease.

Understanding Cold Feet

It is important to understand that “cold feet” is anxiety. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety during the planning process. The most common reason for wedding jitters is nervousness about the actual wedding, and not the relationship. A wedding is exciting and creates a flood of emotions. It is important to understand these emotions are normal.

Cold Feet and Wedding Jitters

Wedding Jitters are Common

The feeling of wedding jitters is actually so common that psychologists thought to study it more than once to find out whether it has any significance. As it turns out, it is common to have mixed feelings prior to getting married. If you have come this far, it is probably safe to say that you love the person you are going to marry. What causes anxiety and doubt over something as sure as love? Important decisions involve important feelings. The excitement and anticipation of something as important as creating a legal relationship with another person for the rest of your life is expected to create some anxiety.

The stress of planning a wedding can make us more irritable and impatient. All the things we previously overlooked can all of sudden cause aggravation. The excitement and stress of planning can create an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved. Planning a wedding causes stress, tests relationships, and can create a feeling of anxiety. By the time you find the venue, the dress, meet with family, taste a cake, meet with a caterer, hire a deejay, apply for a license, arrange transportation, and meet numerous other deadlines in the process of planning your magical day, the magic can sometimes feel lost. Now what?

Cold Feet and Wedding Jitters

How to Fix Wedding Jitters

Wedding jitters is another feeling just like the rest. What we know about our feelings is that they change over time and with circumstances. Being nervous and excited about the actual ceremony will naturally feel different during the honeymoon. In the absence of stress we are happier and have more patience for the little things like annoying questions from family, wedding party drama and our partner’s snoring. The good news is that wedding jitters go away.

Things You Can Do

Meditation, exercise, eating healthy and practicing healthy sleep patterns are common suggestions we hear from everyone. Naturally, those suggestions are great for dealing with anxiety and our health. However, these suggestions work over time. One of the best ways to eliminate stress and anxiety is to eliminate stress and anxiety. Planning with professional planners and wedding designers at an all-inclusive wedding venue can eliminate most of the stress of wedding planning.

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva is an elegant ballroom from a fairy tale. Every wedding package includes a professional design team to help you pick colors and design your entire wedding from ceremony to reception. All of the furnishings, décor and staff services are included to create a flawless event. The all-inclusive concept makes dream weddings possible without the stress. Design any theme from your imagination and connect with Crystal Ballroom vendors to help you plan the rest. Bring your love story to Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva and forego the anxiety involved in wedding planning. We will roll out the red carpet for your grand entrance to the wedding of your dreams.



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