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Creating a Tuscany Wedding Theme

Tuscany Wedding Theme

If you dream to create a rustic wedding theme straight from Tuscany, you are one of many brides in love with this trending theme. The experience is created by the colors, décor, cuisine and all the little details. Let’s take a journey through the creation of your romantic Tuscany wedding theme.

Imagining the Tuscany Wedding Theme

Tuscany is a town in Italy that is known for rolling hills, charming medieval architecture, red wines and romance. To bring the theme to life, you have to truly experience it in imagination. Take a mental stroll beneath the blue skies in fields of olive groves and vineyards. Pass rambling farmhouses and visualize Old World Europe. Where the romantic landscape merges with Grecian inspired cities that are constructed of stone, terracotta clay, stucco and wooden beams, we discover vines and flowers peeking through the cracks and dangling naturally in the space. The secret is to discover the ambiance of this daydream in a wedding venue.

Creating It

Recreating Tuscany and all of its romance in your wedding venue is as simple as combining the elements of lighting with elegant décor. Light and color affect each other and our perception of the experience. The colors of a Tuscany wedding theme includes shades of blush, burgundy, wine, olive green, terracotta, orange, yellow, plum, lavender, red, black, bronze, silver and gold. Imagine stimulating colors that live on the warmer side of the color wheel. Choose three colors that complement each other and pair them with tinted up-lighting that provides a highlight and accent. Use flickering candles with melted wax and lanterns. String twinkling festoon lights overhead. Install oversized chandeliers to create a dramatic effect.

Tuscany Wedding Theme Colors

Furniture and Décor

Your furniture and décor are essential to creating the Tuscany wedding theme. Consider wooden tables and chairs with terracotta pottery and glass vases. Incorporate metals with wood. Dress your tables with linens or use a runner of vines on an overlay to keep the wood visible. Use ornate tableware and décor, such as gold chinaware and candelabras. Decorate the tables with lanterns and scattered votive candles for a magical glow. Create the castle in a garden and bring in layers of flowers.

Flowers for a Tuscany Wedding Theme

It would be impossible to create a Tuscany wedding theme without flowers. Recreate the vineyard. Use lots of ivy. Consider an olive leaf table runner. Mix foliage with romantic floral arrangements in a variety of colors. Do not be afraid to bring in the color with your flowers. Add seasonal fruits, such as lemons, figs and grapes.

Tuscany Wedding Theme

Dining Experience

Create a menu from Tuscany with bread, cheese, beans, olive oil and wine. Excite the palate with a Tuscan white bean paté on crostini. Serve fruit compotes and delicious Tuscan salami and ham. Consider golden pears poached with wine and drizzled with goat cheese and honey. Serve Tuscan ravioli with eggplant and cheese as the main cuisine. Fill glasses of San Pellegrino and bring in a barista for cappuccino. Turn your cocktail hour into a sophisticated wine tasting.

Tuscany Wedding Theme

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva is an elegant wedding venue with the rustic elements of romantic Tuscany. We design a castle with crystal chandeliers and elegant décor. Bring imagination to the design studio and meet with master designers and planners. Choose your colors and coordinate the elements of your table settings from our selection of napkins, linens, overlays, runners, charger plates and centerpieces. Select from beautiful candelabras, romantic lanterns and dreamy floral arrangements. Bring your Tuscany wedding theme to life at Crystal Ballroom.



Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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