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Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be a little different than planning a traditional wedding, but is similar in many ways. Most couples think of a destination wedding as an exotic place far away. This is not always the case. The destination could be the next state, city or street over. Creating a magical escape that puts adventure into the romance is accomplished by planning the details. These tips will help you plan an unforgettable destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Location

Destination weddings are usually planned with a honeymoon experience. People travel across the world to have that perfect backdrop for the ceremony that incorporates the honeymoon adventure in a foreign place. A destination wedding is all about a meaningful and unforgettable location, but not everyone can make the distance. Have you ever wanted to experience a ceremony in the romantic town of Tuscany? The adventure might be a little closer than you imagine. It is possible to find that atmosphere in a wedding venue that does not take you to the other side of the globe. Search for wedding venues that have the aesthetic of the location and can recreate the atmosphere as part of your destination wedding theme. The ideal wedding venue should be surrounded by hotels for a quick escape that feels like a getaway.

Destination Wedding

Creating the Destination Wedding Theme

Wherever you dream to travel, explore the location, architecture and foods to inspire your wedding theme. If you imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany and vines and flowers peeking through the cracks in stone and dangling naturally from overhead, bring those elements to your design. Build a space with oversized crystal chandeliers or festoon lights. Whether you are recreating Tuscany or another destination wedding location, your lighting and décor will create the space. Choose three colors that complement each other and pair them with tinted uplighting for an accent. Your floral arrangements should consider the season and the types of blooms from the region you envision. Your furnishings and décor are essential to creating your wedding theme. Think about the types of tables, chairs, vases, candelabras, linens, chinaware and décor that convey your theme, and choose a venue with design packages and designers to bring your vision to life. Venues with in-house designers and planners will be able to coordinate the pieces to create the destination wedding of your dreams.

Timeline for a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings usually follow the same timeline as a traditional wedding. Most weddings are planned about twelve months in advance. This is when you seek inspiration, pick your date and get excited. It is also the time to tour venues. If you are planning abroad, it can be slightly more challenging. You will probably do most of the planning with a planner or you can tour venues virtually. The advantage of planning your destination wedding within the same state is that you can tour venues in person with fewer obstacles. You should count your guests, choose your wedding party and book your venue about a year before your wedding day.

Nine Months Before

Just as when you are planning the traditional wedding, you should shop for the dress, tux and wedding party attire about nine months before the big day. This is the time to plan a wedding registry with your partner and create a personal website. If you are traveling abroad, make sure you have all of the travel information and requirements. If there will be any wrinkles in the plan, give yourself this extra time to iron them out.

Six Months Before a Destination Wedding

Things get busy during the last six months of wedding planning, especially with a destination wedding. This is the time to design your wedding invitations and plan your honeymoon. You need to send out invitations early for a destination wedding. Your guests might need the extra time to plan for the travel. Research the area to create an itinerary for your honeymoon. Hire the officiant that will create your unique ceremony. Plan all of your transportation and hotel accommodations. Create your wedding timeline for the cutting of the cake, the first dance, toasting events and all of your unique traditions. If you have not already, hire all of your wedding vendors. You will probably want a photographer, videographer, wedding entertainment, cake, food and hair and makeup artist. The average wedding has ten vendors. Your wedding will be unique and could require more or less, depending on how you envision your destination wedding. A wedding venue with preferred vendors can help you build your entire wedding team in one place. This can be a saving grace for a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding

Finalizing the Plan

The last few months of wedding planning is all about getting everything in order. The rehearsal dinner is usually planned by the groom’s parents to take place a day or two before the wedding. When planning a destination wedding, this step can be accomplished a little sooner to prevent rushing between events. Make sure all of your vendors are paid, travel arrangements are secured, and all the vendors have your timeline. Finalize the floral arrangements, cake, catering and essential vendors. Schedule dress fittings and purchase the rings. Obtain your marriage license. Write your vows. Pack for your honeymoon and enjoy all the celebrations before the big day.

Destination Wedding

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Planning a destination wedding with Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva makes planning effortless. Travel to this breathtakingly beautiful destination wedding venue that is situated right in the heart of Florida’s famous coastal city, Fort Lauderdale. The venue is surrounded by music, nightlife, hotels and a complete honeymoon experience. Make magical moments on a romantic adventure that you will remember forever. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding venue with furnishings, décor, chinaware, staff services and professional designers to create your unique destination wedding theme. Plan your wedding with Crystal Ballroom and take advantage of the connection with talented vendors to plan your entire wedding at one location. Crystal Ballroom makes dream weddings possible.


Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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