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Planning an Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor Ceremony

Planning an outdoor wedding in a magical place from imagination with every perfect sash, ribbon and garden follows a timeline that has no room for rainstorms. There is nothing in comparison to the aesthetic, rustic vibe and sensory experience of the outdoors. However, the what-ifs we never talk about must be part of the plan to create the gorgeous dream when Murphy’s Law is in full force and effect. Here are a few tips for planning an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Create a Blueprint

Weddings are not a one size fits all. The dream and budget behind it all are too disparate to even attempt to assume as much. What could cost a few hundred for one bride, could cost many thousands for another. Off-site locations require that you transport the dream wedding to the dream destination. You would need to transport furnishings, décor, flowers, tents, chinaware, linens, audio systems, stages, lighting, generators and every detail of the indoor venue to the outdoor setting. Planning your wedding with an all-inclusive venue with an outdoor ceremony space makes more sense logistically and financially.

Outdoor Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Predictions

Your wedding date did not just leap from a hat of fate. It was probably carefully planned. Whether the stars align with some solar event as magnificent as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn or it is a meaningful day that is significant to your relationship, it should consider some outdoor wedding predictions. That magical golden hour where the sun casts upon your loving expressions requires careful planning. You should visit the wedding site during the same season and time of day that you are planning in the future. Explore the scenery. Do the flowers bloom the way you envision? Are the skies blue and clear? Before you walk the aisle to a beach wedding in August to be met with midges, sand flies and rainstorms, tour the site to create a plan that embraces some predictions. This does not mean you should change your date. You might change the time of day to avoid afternoon showers, consider tents and change up your perfume with one that contains an insect repellent, such as Aromaflage and Bombshell. An outdoor wedding requires that you create some predictions and be prepared to work with them. Hosting your outdoor ceremony at a wedding venue with an indoor ceremony space creates an alternative ceremony site for a seamless transition when needed.

Test Your Improvisational Skills

Planning an outdoor wedding will put your improvisational skills to the test. The outdoor wedding is dreamy, but the whimsical playground of nature must fit your personality. If you are not the outdoorsy bride, you will probably meet challenges with the outdoor wedding. There are many factors to consider and plan around. A bride should look absolutely stunning on her wedding day and in every photograph. There are a few things to think about. Humidity can frizz hair. A downpour can remove makeup. Mud is challenging to hide on white. Accept that the unplanned can happen. Consider having a hair and makeup artist on standby with a private space for touch ups between photographs. Plan a change of dresses between the ceremony and the reception. Be willing and prepared to have a quick change of plans that make the space and conditions work.

Wedding Venue

Flowers for an Outdoor Wedding

The benefit of hosting a wedding outdoors is the ability to create a romantic space in an existing outdoors garden. This does not mean you will not need or use flowers. An outdoor wedding needs flowers too. You will probably want bouquets, romantic floral runners on the tables and a decorated wedding arch or arbor. Keep in mind that artificial flowers are not acceptable in all locations, and live flowers will not fare well in every outdoor environment. Some beaches have conditions for permitting which restrict the use of artificial flowers on the beach. Regardless of where or how you use your live flowers, temperature and sunlight are important factors to consider. Sensitive flowers, like hydrangeas, will wilt quickly with heat and direct sunlight. This can make it challenging to decorate an arbor with one of the most voluminous and romantic wedding flowers. Consider the season, outdoor conditions and the flowers you plan to use. You will want your flowers to remain beautiful for your wedding photography throughout the entire event. It is important to hire an experienced florist that can help you plan your flowers for the location and season.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, décor and staff services into one affordable package to design a fairy tale. Professional wedding designers customize a picturesque outdoor ceremony space and indoor reception ballroom to match your vision. Bring imagination to the design studio and hand select your flowers, centerpieces, linens and every detail of your dream wedding. Every event includes an impressive bartender service, banquet staff and fine china for a full three course meal. Crystal Ballroom designs luxurious events and creates unforgettable moments. Schedule your complimentary VIP tour and customization consultation to begin planning your magical day.



Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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