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Planning Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup

Bride posing inside the venue.

Choosing the perfect hairstyles and makeup for your wedding day is a significant aspect of the planning process. While some elements of wedding planning can be done independently, many couples prefer to enlist the expertise of a professional artist to ensure a flawless look. It's essential that your chosen hairstyle and makeup enhance your natural beauty and harmonize with your wedding attire. Below are some helpful tips and recommendations for coordinating hairstyles and makeup for both you and your bridal party.

The Wedding Hairstyle and Makeup Experience

Your wedding hairstyle and makeup session will differ from a typical salon visit. It's advisable to finalize all details a few months ahead of time. On the day of your wedding, anticipate spending around one to one and a half hours in your bridal suite getting ready. Many couples also opt for a trial run before the big day to perfect and time the desired look. This trial helps you understand how long the styling will take and allows for any necessary adjustments. Moreover, having a photographer present to capture these moments is an excellent way to document the preparation process.

Floral decor and centerpiece stacked on table.

Wedding Hair: Styling Tips for the Wedding Party

While it's common for bridesmaids and the maid of honor to handle their own hair styling, some weddings call for coordinated hairstyles across the wedding party. If professional hair and makeup services are needed for the wedding party, ensure you have ample time for everyone's preparation and consider hiring additional artists if necessary. Typically, the bride should be prioritized first for hair and makeup, followed by the maid of honor, and then the bridesmaids. For larger wedding parties or intricate styles, it's advisable to complete hair and makeup before arriving at the venue, although minor touch-ups can be done there if needed. To avoid any wardrobe mishaps, always wait until after your hair and makeup are finished to put on your gown.

Bride leaning against flower wall.

Selecting Your Wedding Hairstyle

Your choice of wedding hairstyle should harmonize with your bridal ensemble. Among the most favored styles are curls, which lend both volume and dimension to your hair. Curls can be worn in an updo or left cascading down, offering versatility and elegance. Opting for an updo can beautifully showcase your face, neckline, and shoulders. For those donning a strapless gown, a bun or chignon can be an excellent choice for an updo. A chignon, a sophisticated twist on the classic bun worn lower on the head, adds a touch of class. Buns can be styled in various ways—neat, tousled, adorned with curls, or interlaced with braids—to achieve a distinct and personalized look. Braids, whether sleek or tousled, can be embellished with ribbons or adorned with flowers for added charm. Similar to updos, braided hairstyles pair seamlessly with strapless dresses. For those seeking added volume and length, extensions can be incorporated into any wedding hairstyle, enhancing the overall allure and impact, whether your hair is styled up, down, or in a braid.

Bride standing with bouquet.

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