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Thinking About Getting Engaged?

Getting Engaged

Thinking about popping the big question or wondering when he will? If so, all the major holidays and perfect opportunities are just around the corner. It could be a meaningful date that is significant to your relationship or another special day for the sake of surprise. The right time to get engaged is unique to your relationship, but we can explore the current trends for getting engaged to think about the possibilities. If you are wondering when most couples are making it happen, continue reading.

Valentine’s Day is a Time to Get Engaged

Valentine’s day is the day of love, love letters and chocolate. It is also the day for getting engaged. The Roman god of love is pulling back his bow and letting arrows fly on this special day. Romantic dinners and night strolls create opportunity. If you are thinking about getting engaged, get prepared for the flowers, candy and the ring. Valentine’s day is among the most popular days of the year that couples are getting engaged.

Getting Engaged

Getting Engaged on the Fourth of July

Something about fireworks create a romantic element and perfect timing to drop to a knee and ask the big question. Fireworks create the backdrop, and the Fourth of July creates the day. This patriotic holiday seems to be among the top days of the year that couples are getting engaged. Most of us get that little vacation in warmer weather outdoors that almost always involves a festive celebration with friends and family. Wait for the grand finale under the night sky, and make magical moments with the perfect proposal.

Getting Engaged on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is another celebration with fireworks and perfect moments. This special day brings in the new year with a bang. When the ball drops and you go in for the kiss, there might be a question rolling off the lips. Trends tell us that couples are taking advantage of the celebrated occasion to create a romantic moment to pop the big question.

Getting Engaged

Christmas Day

Christmas day seems to be the number one most popular day for getting engaged. Christmas brings couples together for love, sharing and gifts. Whether it is under the mistletoe or the tree, engagement rings are a popular gift on this day. Christmas creates so many opportunities to pull it off with surprise and get engaged.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are not a decision made together. If they were, it would ruin the surprise. If you are thinking about making the big purchase, you might want to take note of the type of metals they usually wear and the amount of jewelry on their fingers. Not every bride wants a diamond; however, a diamond is the most common stone when it comes to engagement rings. If you are hoping to get a ring this Christmas and want to take all the guessing out of the game, you could always mention your favorite stones and cuts in a not so obvious way.

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva

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