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Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas

Choosing your wedding cake is the sweetest part of wedding planning. Your wedding cake will be a masterpiece that conveys your theme. Themes are as endless as imagination, and so are your cake design options. Let’s explore some wedding cake ideas for inspiration.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Rustic weddings are becoming one of the most popular wedding trends. Bring in a few simple elements of nature to your elegant affair with these earthy wedding cake ideas. Thin layers of icing create that popular semi-naked look. Expose all the layers beneath and add little touches of the outdoors with berries, fruit, seasonal blooms and other nature-inspired touches, like vines, greenery and twigs.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Spring and Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

These spring and summer wedding cake ideas bring wild flowers, in-season berries and fruits to the cake plate. Have your baker create fondant or sugar-molded flowers to match your bouquet. Large peonies, daisies or hydrangeas will make a statement. Forego the buttercream and explore strawberry puree filling or a lemon cake filled with blackberry. Consider chocolate cake with chocolate cherry ganache. Create texture with Marbled fondant and rough edges.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Color Ideas

The wedding cake is usually central to your theme and influenced by the colors of your theme. Follow your seasonal wedding palette. Popular spring and summer colors are white, ivory, green, pink, pale blue, fuchsia, lavender, pastels and a variety of hues that create a light and airy vibe. Create the finishing touches with sugar-molded butterflies, seasonal blooms or birds that match your colors.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Design Ideas

Imagine all of the details of your wedding day in a cake. Think about your theme, invitations, napkins, centerpieces and your wedding dress. Consider hand-painted designs, such as hand-scribed messages, lyrics, monograms or geometric detailing to match the elements of your wedding. Tall cakes are impressive. Wow your guests with three tiers of deliciousness and create the illusion of height with dummy tiers. A Cinderella inspired wedding cake might include sky blue fondant with pink and blue roses, gold piping and a white overlay of filigree. Additional elements, like a clock, golden carriage or a glass slipper would create an extra touch. Imagine the blue and gold colors of Beauty and the Beast and the enchanted rose. A professional wedding cake designer can help you add all of your unique designs and explore wedding cake ideas you never imagined possible.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

Fall evokes the imagery of golden leaves and earthy themes. These fall wedding cake ideas carry that imagery to the cake. Semi-nude cakes with marbled icing or boldly bare cakes are becoming a rustic fall trend. Use the rough texture and rich color of a red velvet cake and decorate with fall flowers, apples, cranberries, pears, pomegranates, fruit, figs and drizzle it with caramel. Add more of the fall with the flavor of pumpkin spice, gingerbread and apple spice. Garnish your wedding cake with fruit, golden leaves and jagged pine cones.

Wedding Cake Ideas

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