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Wedding DJ at Crystal Ballroom
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Wedding DJ at Crystal Ballroom

Bring your love story to Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva, and create an unforgettable celebration with professional wedding DJ services. Plan your unforgettable party experience with our preferred wedding DJ. Vow to your true love in this picturesque wedding venue, and celebrate with an immersive sound and light experience unlike any other. Match your theme, create your playlist and customize the vibe of your party. The collaboration between wedding DJ vendors and the all-inclusive Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva makes the wedding of your dreams possible.

Each and every wedding DJ offers a unique and customized experience that is set apart by their mixing style, expansive music library, background, light and stage effects and live dance show spectaculars that take the experience to the next level. Bring your imagination to this elegant wedding venue and let the wedding DJ vendors make your dream celebration come true.​


The passion for design and décor is at the heart of Crystal Ballroom.

Create unforgettable moments with a professional wedding DJ experience. 

Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva
Wedding DJ at Crystal Ballroom

Wedding DJ

at Your Wedding Venue

Our relationships with professional wedding DJ vendors allow you to create a unique party experience at Crystal Ballroom on Lake Melva. This elegant wedding venue becomes the creative canvas of our artistic in-house design team and your imagination. A wedding DJ transforms the space into a dynamic celebration. Meet our preferred vendors and create happily ever after memories in this picturesque ballroom.

Your chosen wedding DJ will help you create your party blueprints for your magical day. As a wedding planner is to a wedding, the wedding DJ is to the celebration. The memory of every event is tied to an emotion created by the synchrony of the music. Plan the ambiance of your special moment with the musical experience of our wedding DJ, and make your magical moments an unforgettable celebration. 

The Influence of Style

Music should be seamless, smooth and easy on the ears. This requires skills and the implementation of advanced techniques. Keep in mind that every DJ will have their own style which will influence the experience. DJs mix songs together with creative methods on different types of decks. Some DJs scratch records with turntables and needles. Mixing tracks is not just hitting play. It leaves an open door to creativity and the DJ decides when to reduce low, mid and high ranges of the music and for how long before mixing and fading with other tracks. Their style will ultimately affect the beat and how you dance to the music you love. Crystal Ballroom creates relationships with the finest in the industry to deliver the flawless event you envision. 

Wedding DJ at Crystal Ballroom



The ceremony and reception ballroom are jaw-dropping. Thank you Crystal Ballroom for helping me plan our dream wedding.

Ms. Rx

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