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Discover the Latest Wedding Trends

Wedding Trends

If you are planning your wedding day, you are probably looking for a little inspiration in the latest trends. Each year brings new ideas and wedding trends for color palettes, fashion and design. Keep reading to discover the latest wedding trends.

Larger Weddings and Bigger Celebrations

The small wedding trends are being left behind and replaced with much larger events. Couples are planning larger weddings and celebrating a little bigger. There is a noticeable appreciation for gatherings with more of a focus on the guests and their experience. Weddings might be larger; however, they seem to be more intimate. A larger wedding party is becoming more popular.

Wedding Trends

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

The rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding celebrations are back in the plan. Rehearsal dinners are traditionally formal dinners held by the groom’s parents in honor of the couple. It brings the two families together and creates an opportunity for wedding announcements, to distribute wedding party gifts and to have one last ceremony rehearsal. Bachelor and bachelorette parties involve nights on the town and weekend excursions. Pre-wedding trends are muchlarger and more of an experience.

Design Wedding Trends

The classic white wedding is not going away, but couples are designing with richer and deeper colors. Modern chic Boho is among new wedding trends that bring in a mix of elegant and rustic to the venue. We are seeing more greenery walls, more flowers and more candles. Accent lighting in various colors are being used to match theme and vibe. This creates ambiance and highlights draperies and décor. Reception tables are the focus with elegant table runners, more flowers and extravagant centerpieces.

Wedding Trends

Fashion Wedding Trends

The latest fashion wedding trends involve floral motifs, three-dimensional floral appliqués, sequins, feathers and beading. This year presents sexier silhouettes, plunging necklines and sexy backs that make a statement. Sophisticated and timeless styles are not going away. There are a few popular veils stealing the show, but dramatic cathedral veils are at the top of wedding trends.

Wedding Trends

Special Effects

Many couples are choosing romantic and memorable ways to make their grand entrance and exit. A sparkler exit is among the festive wedding trends. If you are looking to create something unique, make your exit beneath a saber arch formed with sparklers flickering overhead. Indoor cool sparklers are creating dramatic entrances. Dancing on a cloud effects are becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding Trends

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